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This workshop consists of a blend of lectures, videos, demonstrations, and private couple exercises.   Although this workshop is engaging, fun, educational, and insightful, participants do NOT share their personal problems in front of others.


Included in the

Cost of the Workshop


6 Benefits of Attending this Workshop

  1. Fosters motivation and accountability.

  2. It can feel less intimidating than seeking couples therapy initially .

  3. Couples can learn skills that can enrich their relationship through a lifetime together.

  4. It can serve as a segue into couples therapy for those couples that desire more personal assistance than the workshop can provide.

  5. It can soften the entry into working on your relationship and getting help without the stigma that some still have toward seeking therapy.

  6. It can be encouraging to work on your relationship in the presence of other couples that are doing the same thing.



  • Will we have to share personal problems with the class?  NO

  • Do both partners need to attend this workshop? YES

  • Do we need to read the Seven Principles book before attending? NO

  • Should we do the exercises at home or in class? BOTH

  • Do I have to talk in this workshop?  NO

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